Expatme - Full Relocation Support

Your professional expat support for Latin America

CEO, Christian Steiner

Why should YOU work with us

"Expatme is a small, young and dynamic organization. This means we can move fast, adapt quickly to our customers needs while still be able to provide excellent professional support and assistance.

We have been expats ourselves. We learned the hard lessons of being put in a difficult position abroad and also saw the opportunities of good relocation and HR management. We know the difference and can apply our learnings, share our best practices and make your relocation project a success."


#1   YOUR Experts for Latin America

Our regional specialisation on Latin America allows us to provide our tailor made and professional service to our customers, HR departmens and Expats alike. We are experts in Latin America and are focused on the challenges that expats come across in the region.



#2   Full Service Packages

With the Expatme service, you as the HR department or the Expat, dont have to worry about a thing. We cover all phases and stages of your relocation project, be it short-, medium-, or long term.


#3   YOUR one stop shop for everything

With Expatme you have one contact partner for all your Expat needs. We cover administrative as well as language and integration specific topics and of course focus especially on the aspect of Social Integration.


#4   A professional service for a succesful project

Expatme works with trained professionals, expat lawyers and relocation experts at all stages of the process. You can trust us with your project and let us help you make it a success!


#5   Social Integration

Social Integration is our biggest concern. We make sure the expat is well integrated in the new society and makes the most out of the stay abroad.

#6   Transparent and Fair Prices

All our services are tailor-made to your specific needs. Our prices are calculated in a fair and transparent manner. We offer package prices as we believe that customer satisfaction is more important than counting hours. We work until YOU are satisfied with the results.