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Our Service Portfolio

Expatme is a relocation agency, based in Vienna / Austria with a regional focus on Latin America. We facilitate the expat exchange and relocation management between Latin America and Austria, Germany & Switzerland and support HR departments, international companies, universities and of course expats themselves.

Expatme offers full management and support of the entire relocation process, covering all important aspects of the expatriation project. Expatme is your one-stop-shop for anything expat related!


The main feature that sets Expatme apart from its peers is the continuous support of the expatriate employee directly at the host location. We call this aspect Social Integration and consider it our most important benefit. More than 80% of expatriates abort their projects before the planned time. Expatme is determined to change that.

Expatme and its social integration programs are designed to make your employee feel at home in Latin America from the first day, increasing personal and job satisfaction, motivation and productivity along the way.

Expatme works directly with local specialists in Latin America who provide support, professional expertise and country specific know how. We follow a tailor made integration program and are in constant contact with your employee to guarantee a successful outcome of your expat project.  

About Phases and Modules

Expatme has split up the process of an expatriation project in three main areas. Preparation - Relocation - Integration. These three phases are defined on the one hand by the tasks included and also by the location these tasks are performed at. Additionally we have created five modules that cover all detailed and technical parts of a certain project phase. The modules can have influence on one or even all of the phases. This way we ensure that you as our customer can select the most appropriate module that will help you and your expat through any phase along the way.

The Expatme Phases in Short


Traditional Expat Management and organization of the entire relocation project in the home country. Immigration and visa support, logistics planning of the relocation phase as well as country briefings, cultural preparation and language trainings included. The expatriate employee is accompanied until the actual start of the relocation phase. No continuous management and support at the host location.


Additional to the services of the Preparation phase Expatme also takes care of the physical relocation aspects and supports with logistics and travel arrangements. The relocation phase does not include host country support and is designed for seasoned and experienced expats who want to delegate the technical aspects of the organization.


Social Integration is the corner stone of the Expatme support. With help of our extensive network in Latin America we provide professional and high quality host country support. The Expatme Tutor helps the expat to integrate fast and easy into the new host culture and society and ensures a better and more productive expat experience. The Expatme service includes visa and immigration support in the host country, housing, administrative support, integration and intercultural trainings, language classes or spousal and schooling assistance.