Expatme - Full Relocation Support

Your professional expat support for Latin America

The Expatme Preparation

Preparation is a key element for any project, especially if it involves such important assets as your own employees.

Expatme offers professional preparatory work, expertise and knowledge about the host location, its culture, customs and habits. We have developed a streamlined process that ensures timely organization of all necessary technical aspects of the international assignment and assures proper preparation of your employee for the upcoming tasks.

We have put a special focus on topics related to the organization of employment visas and work permits as well as providing guidance with social insurance and tax issues. Our immigration experts assist in obtaining the necessary documents in a streamlined and time efficient manner and ensure that your expatriation project can start as soon as possible.

We take care of all administrative and organizational topics in this phase and give you and your future expat time to focus on your daily work.

•  Visa & Immigration

•  Work Permits

•  Consulting and guidance on taxes & social insurance

•  Employment contract advise

•  Country introduction

  Language trainings

•  Cultural briefings

•  Cost of living calculations