Expatme - Full Relocation Support

Your professional expat support for Latin America

The Expatme Modules

Next to our full consulting packages we also offer our support for individual relocation tasks related to the expatriation process of your employee. The following modules contain all relevant parts of a particular step in the relocation project.  You can also download the relocation module information to a pdf file by clicking on pdf preview.

Module 1

Visa & Immigration

Just need to get through the visa process? We can help you with that! Our experienced professionals help with any questions and guide you through the entire process.

• Visa Types, Time Planning and Organization

• Visa Solicitation

• Administrative Relocation Management

• Personal support and attendance at meetings

• Non immigrant and immigrant visa support


Module 2

Home Country Preparation

You want to prepare your employee for all eventualities that can happen abroad? With our Home Country module we do just that. Cultural and Language preparation are as well included as basic housing support

• Language Training

• Intercultural Trainings

• Latin America Introduction Workshop

• Information on Visa options


Module 3

Logistics & Relocation

Need some help on the logistics of the move? Expatme supports you with insight, experience and professional guidance. We help to get your employee and all the luggage safely and on-time to the final destination

• Support with leaving preparations

• Logistics options and organization

• Schedule and Time planning

• Customs clearance support


Module 4

Housing & Accomodation

You want to make sure that your employee receives professional assistance when looking for the new place to stay in the foreign country? We provide expert assistance, accompany your employee to all apartment viewings and make sure everything runs as planned

• Pre-Interviews to select appropriate housing

• Organisation of apartment viewings

• Personal presence during apartment viewings

• Facilitation and Translation with the landlord


Module 5

Social Integration

The guarantee for success! With the Expatme Social Integration package you can make sure that your employee is taken care of in all relevant aspects. We meet up on a regular basis and provide 24/7 support and assistance to any unforeseeable events

• 24/7 availability and support of your expat tutor

• Walk and See tours

• Regular meetings and update interviews

• Personal emergency contacts