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Your professional expat support for Latin America

The Expatme Integration

Did you know that more than 80% of expats abort their relocation projects early?

Conventional expat support often stops exactly when it becomes most important. Host country support is a key component to the success of the entire relocation project, especially for your expatriate employee.

We focus strongly on the aspect of Social Integration as we ourselves have experienced that poor integration management often yields to unsuccessful expat assignments, frustrated employees and early returns.

Expatme works with its own team of expat tutors who will accompany your employee to all important appointments throughout the entire project time. Our tutor acts as the main contact person for questions or problems and supports your employee whenever necessary. At regular meet-ups our tutor ensures that your employee gets introduced to local customs and habits and knows about the do's and dont's in the foreign country. Social Integration is a key factor in expat management.

Expatme offers personalized programs that ensure fast and easy Social Integration of your expatriate employee into Latin American society, which we guarantee will result in higher employee satisfaction and an overall better professional performance.

•  Social Integration directly with our local Expatme tutor

•  Orientation sessions

•  Walk and See tours

•  Housing assistance

•  Language and cultural trainings

•  Immigration support

•  Insurance and administrative support

•  Spousal assistance, Schooling support

•  24/7 Assistance Availability