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Oi Brasil!

What's the biggest challenges and difficulties when moving abroad? Where do you think you have to adjust most to the local culture and society? Lets have a look at a couple of challenges on the example of Sao Paulo/Brazil. 



Long, bureaucratic processes combined with the typical easy going lifestyle of Latin America? Not the easiest of scenarios for an expat. Best advice? Prepare well in advance, make sure your documents are in order before you hand them in and bring lots of patience and/or a good book to official appointments and meetings. Those might take a while! 


Traffic can be terrible in Sao Paulo. Choose your area of living well! Shouldn't be too far away from your work place otherwise you can have a daily commute of 2 hours and more. 

Local Habits

Time and punctuality has a different meaning in Brazil, but this is of course not the only difference there is. Try to be open minded and accept all those differences, don't compare and don't judge!


Do you know portuguese already? If not make sure to start getting into the language as soon as possible! Also learn Brazilian Portuguese, especially the pronunciation is quite different from Portugal Portuguese!